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Pedro Campos

Co-Founder & CEO at The Question Mark Company

+20 years focused on designing and implementing new sales channels and other organic growth strategies for mass consumption companies, such as Coca-Cola, SabMiller, KLM, Experian Group, among others. Worked in many markets such as India, Peru, Turkey, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Spain and Tanzania.

+20 years experience on solving complex problems for Blue Chip Companies such as; new ventures deployment, Business Valuation, sales force front-end software development, pricing model, strategic growth design and deployment & post M&A operations integration.

+5 years on Digital Transformation, Operations Optimization, Business Startup, Demand Planning, S&OP, Production Planning, Business Analytics & Big Data.

Areas of interest:
Business Governance improvement;
Non-market strategy, new market entry and business development;
Route-to-Market design, organizational structure definition;
New categories' sales and distribution design, scale impacts;
Capture value in core categories, service level gap analysis;
Prospection of customers;
Digital channels development;
Dig Data; Internet of Things; Business Analytics; DAX; Power BI; ETL; Python; Artificial Intelligence; Augmented Reality;
Inventory level management, economics and operations deployment;
Forecast and demand planning validation;
Direct vs. indirect sales and distribution, outsourcing contracts and sales force incentives;
Sales force segmentation, create capability for managing complex portfolio;
M&A target definition and post M&A integration.

Specialties: Fast-moving Consumer Goods; FoodTech; HealthTech; NutriTech; Credit Services; B2B; Digital Transformation; Transportation; Education; Insurance and Health Care; Financial Services; Logistics and Supply Chain Service Providers.

Pedro Campos
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